John Bobbitt Net Worth (2023): How Rich Is The Porn Actor!

John Bobbitt Net Worth

John Wayne Bobbitt- a highly controversial person from the 90s, nowadays living his life with much wealth and peace. He began with a tragedy where he lost his penis, re-stored that, and started acting in adult films! Coming through all ups and down for over two decades, he’s earning around $250 to $300 Thousand.

Full nameJohn Wayne Bobbitt
Net worth$250 to $300 Thousand
Age55 years old
Birth dateMarch 23, 1967
BirthplaceBuffalo, New York, USA
OccupationPornographic film actor
SpouseLorena Bobbit, Joanne Ferrell, Lorena Gallo, Dottie Brewer
About John Bobbitt

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John Bobbitt Net Worth: Career and Sources of Income

In spite of being infamous for the tragic event that happened to him, he’s currently a well-earner! Most of John’s net worth comes from business ventures and subsidiaries. He also tried forming a music band which went unsuccessful. 

In the meantime, he also acted in several adult films. “John Wayne Bobbitt Uncut” (1994), and “Frankenpenis” (1996) are the major ones from the list. And through this pornographic industry, he earned a lot of money.

John Wayne Bobbitt Key Facts

  • Though he went through a tragedy, he couldn’t resist acting in adult films.
  • John Bobbitt worked with Val Venis, a professional wrestler. John once appeared on the WWF’s Monday Night Raw and saved Val Venis.
  • John dated countless women, even when he was married to Lorena Gallo.
  • His wife cut off his penis while he finally got it reattached after a devastating medical surgery experience.
  • In his acted adult film- Frankenpenis, his reattached penis was explicitly shown.

Early Life and Bio

Growing up in Buffalo, John was a businessman, and US Marine primarily. Interestingly, he solidly has been keeping his family and early life information secret. Mass eyeballs were directed to him while his first wife cut off his penis. 

John Bobbitt Spouse and Personal Life

As of now, John Wayne Bobbitt has a wife- Joanne Ferrell. But some news suggested that John had filed for a divorce from her already. Before marrying Ferrell, John had a marital relationship with Lorena Gallo and Dottie Brewer. Currently, John has no children. 

Back in 1992, John dated Beatrice Williams while in a marital relationship with Lorena. Beatrice and John had a son named Andrew while John remained in denial about his son. However, currently, he has no children. 

The knife used to cut off john bobbit's penis
Knife Lorena Bobbit Used

Why did Lorena Bobbitt cut her husband?

John Bobbitt continuously raped and assaulted Lorena throughout their marital relationship. Lorena on June 23, 1993, decided to take revenge on her husband. And so she cut off his penis while he was sleeping. Took the organ and threw it out to a field.

Was John Bobbitt’s Enlargement surgery successful?

After Bobbitt lost his penis, he immediately reached Dr. Jim Sehn, a plastic surgeon. Afterward, the surgeon ran down a nine-hour-long medical procedure. John had to deal with penile reduction surgery. And finally, he got his penis back into its normal state.

Award And Achievement

Apart from receiving a sheer amount of hatred and strong criticism from people, John Bobbitt doesn’t have any notable accomplishments or awards yet.

John Bobbitt Social Profiles: Instagram, Facebook, And Twitter

John Bobbitt has no social media accounts verified right now. Even though you may find some considerable accounts on Instagram, Twitter, etc., chances are very less that John handles them.

John And Lorena Bobbit’s Trial

John bobbitt at court

At trials, both Lorena And John were found not guilty and got released. The trial started in 1993 and ended in 1994.

You can read more about the trial story here if it interests you.


Did John Wayne Bobbitt remarry?

He had three wives who are Lorena Gallo, Dottie Brewer, and Joanne Ferrell. Also, John dated several women after the tragedy happened to him. Currently, he has a girlfriend named Joni.

Is John Wayne Bobbitt married?

Not right now. However, he was married to Ecuadorian-born Lorena Gallo from 1989 to 1995. After they got divorced, he got married two more times. But currently, he’s single.

What is John Wayne Bobbitt’s height?

He’s 5 feet and 6 inches.

What is John Wayne Bobbitt’s Age?

John is currently 55 years old.

Who is John Wayne Bobbitt’s wife?

Noone right now. However, Lorena Gallo was his first wife. Later, he got married to Dottie Brewer. His latest wife is Joanne Ferrell. However, the latest news suggests that he has filed for their divorce recently.

What did John Bobbitt do to Lorena?

Throughout their marriage, John Bobbitt sexually assaulted Lorena. Also, he forced her to have an abortion. Lorena charged multiple rape allegations under his name too.

Where is John Bobbitt today?

Yes, John Bobbitt is alive and currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada with his favorite chihuahua. Along with that, Joni, his latest girlfriend visits him on a regular basis.

Did John and Lorena Bobbitt’s reunion Happen?

Yes, they met again through the courtesy of the U.S. tabloid show- Insider back in 2009. They faced each other and discussed the tragedy and their married lives.