Noah Kagan Net Worth

Noah Kagan Net Worth: How Rich Is The Appsumo Founder? 

Noah Kagan, the owner of the popular daily deals website Appsumo, whose net worth is $45 million. The source of all his money is mostly Appsumo and also a YouTube channel with 556k subscribers and worked as a co-founder of Gambit. 

Let’s check out more about Noah Kegan’s net worth, bio, personal life, and more interesting facts. 

Full nameNoah Kagan
Net worth$45M
Age40 years
Birth date17, February 1982
BirthplaceUnited States 
OccupationEntrepreneur, Youtuber
About Noah Kagan

Noah Kagan Career and Sources of Income

Noah Kagan’s Appsumo is the key source of his income. But this entrepreneur earns a lot more passively. He recently broke down his passive income source as a YouTuber, founder, and entrepreneur and how they make him over 350k Every month.

Noah also gets $2,227 every month, from two of his digital products over 8 years ago. The first one was a book that he wrote when Facebook fired him. This one is still netting Noah $227 in amazon royalties per month.

Overall, his lifetime deal on Appsumo, the email-capturing website and the popular YouTube channel makes him earn this huge amount of money.

Noah Kagan Key Facts

  • Did you know Noah Kagan was an employee of Facebook? And more interestingly he got fired too!
  • His most popular website Appsumo now owns 700,000 subscribers actively. That’s huge!
  • Noah Kagan started his career as an analyst in the marketing department of Intel.
  • He became a Millionaire before founding Appsumo, with a few normal jobs.

Noah kagan’s Appsumo

AppSumo is a daily deals online site for digitally distributed services which is now one of the most popular leading marketplaces trusted by more than 1.25M entrepreneurs all over the world. 

So, who owns the app sumo? And how did it gain all the success? 

In 2010, Noah Kagan, who just lost his job,  decided to establish an online platform where he can help fellow entrepreneurs by providing digital tools at the best prices. And this is how Noah Kagan’s company Appsumo brought him huge success. 

Appsumo valuation

Deal Type2 Dept PPP
Date01, May 2020
Stage Profitable 
Appsumo Valuation

Early Life and Bio

Noah Kagan was born on 17 February 1982 in the United States. And he is an American who attended the Haas School of Business in 200-2004 at the University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley). He completed his Bachelor of Science in the Business Administration Department. 

Then he started his career as a market analyst. And in 2005 he left his job to join Facebook. 

After he got fired from Facebook he started working at Mint. And in 2007 he co-founded Gambit which was hugely successful. 

Finally, he started Appsumo in 2010 and now owns and a popular YouTube channel for advising people about entrepreneurship. 

Noah Kagan’s Wife and Personal Life

Noah Kagan never revealed too much about his personal life but according to records he is not still married in 2023. Or there is no exact source where he talked about his relationship status.

Award And Achievement

Noah Kagan’s biggest achievement is his Appsumo website. But all this success didn’t come overnight. His hard work and mastermind thinking ability make him one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs today. 

And now he owns two famous websites for digital services. And has a lot of passive income sources.

Noah keeps inspiring new entrepreneurs and suggests a couple of life-changing books. 

Surely you’re joking Mr. Feyman” by Richard P. Feynman, Influence by Robert B Cialdini, Essentialism by Greg Mckeown and The Martin by Andy Weir are his top recommendations.

Other professions of Noah Kagan

Noah’s first job was at Intel as a market analyst and then he joined Facebook. And later he co-founded Gambit. And finally his Appsumo and So, besides being an entrepreneur, Noah is involved in many professions and now he is an inspiring persona among entrepreneurs.  

Why did Mark Zuckerberg Fire Noah from Facebook?

Have you ever wondered how Noah Kagan lost 185 M and got fired from Facebook?  He was supposed to talk about some information about the company with TechCrunch and the information was leaked just the night before the show! And this is what made him get fired. 

Noah Kagan Social Profiles: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others

Noah Kagan has Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles on social media. 

All of them are well-known to people but the most active one is YouTube. His YouTube channel now has 556k subscribers and gets millions of views.  He also hosts a podcast called Noah kagan presents.

He is quite active on Twitter. On Instagram often times he posts his current events


Is Noah Kagan married? 

No, Noah Kagan is not married yet. His relationship status seems single till now. 

How old is Noah Kagan? 

Noah Kagan is 40 years old and was born on 17 February in the United States of America in 1982. 

How to contact Noah Kagan?

To contact Noah Kegan through his website Appsumo, go to Appsumo. Also, contact the phone numbers given on the Appsumo site.


Noah Kagan, the popular entrepreneur, YouTuber, and founder of 2 digital services, started his early life with hard work. And after overcoming a couple of failures he becomes a Millionaire who is an inspiration to all.